Why People Need Lawn Fertilization in Colorado Springs

Whether you are a homeowner who wants your yard to gleam or you are a business owner who aims to make a good impression on customers or clients, lawn fertilization in Colorado Springs is a great way to accomplish your objectives. In fact, lawn management, which includes fertilization, mowing and watering, is the key to a great lawn. As lawn care specialists at TJP Enterprises Inc., we’ve seen several reasons that folks need their lawns fertilized. Here’s a rundown of the most common.

Lawn Fertilization in Colorado Springs Gets Your Lawn Looking Amazing

Has your grass become yellow-green? If so, that is a symptom that your grass requires more nitrogen. You get that by fertilizing your lawn. Of course, it is important to source the proper type and amount of fertilizer. You should do a soil test to check on soil pH. After you know your numbers, you can pick the right type of fertilizer. Fertilizers are made of nitrogen and, in most cases, phosphorus and potassium (in that sequence). If you see a bag that says 15-15-15, it has equal weights of all three. Regular use of the correct kind of fertilizer stands to turn your grass green, vibrant and healthy again.

Other situations in which fertilization helps with lawn maintenance include bare spots, weed growth, dandelion growth and dead patches. While sod and grass seed are two solutions for bare spots, they come with a few potential disadvantages; for example, the grass produced by sod might not match the rest of the lawn. We are happy to discuss the options with you.

Lawn Fertilization Targets Crabgrass and Other Nuisance Grasses in Colorado Springs

As summer approaches, crabgrass is one annual grass that emerges. For many people, it is not overly pleasing to look at. One way to control the spread of crabgrass is to use lawn fertilizer the month before crabgrass starts to emerge. However, avoid using quick-release fertilizer and overwatering your lawn because you could get too much of a good thing. Excessive lush growth brings the potential for other problems. In any case, acting proactively with lawn fertilization gets your lawn in great shape for warmer weather.

Lawn Fertilization Means More Nutrients for Soil in Colorado Springs

Does your lawn already look amazing? Good! Of course, you do want to keep it that way, and fertilization is one approach to doing so. It keeps the grass well fed so it does not wilt. The lawn is also better able to protect itself against weeds and pests, and it has enhanced water-absorption capabilities. If you are not sure what kind of fertilizer to use, we can help.

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Get in touch with us today to find out how your lawn can shine. We at TJP Enterprises Inc. aim to help with a wide variety of lawn fertilization needs. For example, we can perform soil tests and assess the overall health of your lawn. We can discuss the pros and cons of various types of fertilizers, including organic and chemical. We also perform regular lawn maintenance services such as mowing. With our one company, you get many excellent services.