Get Excellent Mulching For Your Monument Landscape

Mulch is common occurrence in any landscape or outdoor space design, but does it have a purpose? In short, the mulch keeps soil moist and protects plant and tree roots from natural elements. At TJP Enterprises Inc., we specialize in mulch services and strive to give our customers sustainable options for their outdoor spaces.

First, Why Mulch?

Mulch is simply the material you choose to lay over the surface of your soil. Typically, it goes around plants and trees for extra protection from the elements. In a natural forest, trees and plants benefit from the layer of debris on the forest floor. It contains a range of decomposing organic materials and helpful organisms that replenish the soil. Mulch acts as a substitute for this natural occurrence when plants and trees are located in suburban or urban environments.

Are There Benefits to Using Mulch?

As we said, the main benefit is water retention in the soil, but there are a full range of benefits that come with the right mulch choice. For example, mulch is known to:

  • • Aid in soil moisture loss reduction as a result of evaporation
  • • Minimizes the weed germination and growth
  • • Minimize plant disease
  • • Protects soil from extreme temperatures
  • • Can have a positive impact on drainage, structure, aeration and soil biology
  • • Increase fertility of soil
  • • Reduces the occurrence of garden tool damage (weed whackers and lawnmowers)

For organic mulches, you’ll notice the decomposing materials will replenish the natural nutrients in the soil and bolster plant life.

What Type of Mulching Is Best for Monument?

There are two main mulch categories: organic and inorganic. Organic materials decompose naturally and are help replace need nutrients in the process. This mulch is not a permanent solution and will need to be replaced regularly. Typical contents for organic mulch include:

  • • Bark chips
  • • Pine needles
  • • Wood chips
  • • Grass clippings
  • • Peat moss

Inorganic mulch does not serve to decompose and replenish soil nutrients. However, it generally lasts much longer than its counter part and requires less maintenance. Generally, inorganic materials aren’t favored because they don’t give back to the soil, but they can still make for a fantastic design feature. These mulches are usually made from:

  • • Various stones
  • • Rubber
  • • Fabrics
  • • Plastic
  • • Lava rock

What Are the Advantages to Professional Mulching

Laying mulch can be a delicate business because you have to put just the right about. Too much mulch will cut off the air and water supply. It’ll also encourage a number of diseases or inhibit the healthy growth of your plants and trees. Common results of bad mulching are:

  • • Unbalanced pH
  • • Nutrient deficiencies
  • • Toxic material build up
  • • Excess moisture
  • • Root rot
  • • Stress on stem tissues
  • • Insect infestations
  • • Plant diseases
  • • Rodents and similar small animals
  • • Anaerobic or poisonous soil (for plants)

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